MetroLink security officer accused of stealing woman’s purse

A MetroLink security officer is accused of stealing cash and credit cards from a woman’s purse.

St. Louis Metro PD mugshot

Murphy Outlaw, 59, of East St. Louis, Il., will face a grand jury for felony theft.

According to a probable cause statement from St. Louis Metro Police, a woman reported that her purse and credit cards had been stolen near 600 Washington St. around 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 5.

The officer reviewed surveillance footage from the 600 block of Washington, where he saw the defendant take the woman’s purse and hide it.

While under arrest, Murphy admitted to taking the purse.

Metro security is provided by three tiers of officers or guards, the first of which is officers from St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and St. Clair Co., Il., law enforcement, all of whom are armed.

The second tier is public safety officers who are employed by the St. Louis MetroLink and Bi-State Development.

The third tier comprises security guards who are contracted by the Metro, currently Securitas.

Murphy is not an employee of any of these, but rather was subcontracted by Securitas, according to MetroLink spokeswoman Patti Beck.

Outlaw faces a maximum of four years in prison for a Class D felony. He has been released on bond since his Aug. 5 arrest.

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