Inside Your Office: Representative David Gregory

A look inside the office of David Gregory.

Age: 32
Occupation: Founding partner at Drivers Defense Counsel, LC
Why do you work in Clayton?
“Clayton is a hub of all attorneys. The courthouse is close, and when you’re a litigator, you are in and out of court all day. It’s convenient.”
Favorite thing to do in Clayton: 
Sit on the patio at Cafe Napoli.
Favorite lunch spot: Tani
Can’t start my morning without: running a couple of miles on the treadmill at Finney’s Kickboxing
Favorite part of my office: “the view….but maybe my chair…”
1. McCallen 12 Scotch 
“It’s my favorite. The decanter was a gift from my friend, Jerry Schultz. I gave him his first job out of law school.”
2. Bottle of Wine 
“Not everyone is a scotch drinker. I keep a bottle of Cab or a red blend on hand for guests.”
3. Chair 
“This was made by prisoners in the Department of Corrections. We have to make sure people who are serving time are acquiring the skills they need to succeed on the outside. These types of purchases help.”
4. Degrees on the wall 
“I keep my accounting degree on the wall, because so few lawyers understand business. The accounting degree has been pivotal in my career. It’s helped me get cases I wouldn’t have had it not been for that degree.”
5. Humidifier 
“I’m a member at the Ritz Cigar Club. My law partner bought this for me upon my election to the state house.”

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