Airbnb, license collector announce voluntary tax agreement

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Officials of Aribnb and the Office of the City License Collector are pleased to announce a tax agreement has been finalized.

Effective Dec. 1, 2018, Airbnb will automatically collect local taxes for all Airbnb bookings in St. Louis City and remit said taxes to the License Collector’s office.

This agreement comes at a time of dynamic home sharing growth in St. Louis region. St. Louis City is the top home sharing market in Missouri, welcoming 88,500 guest arrivals in 2017 for a total of $9.14 million in host income.

“Having met with dozens of St. Louis hosts over the past few months, I’ve been blown away by their passion for supporting,” Greg Greely, Airbnb President of Homes said.

Earlier this year, Airbnb reached a tax agreement with the Missouri Department of Revenue. That accord went into effect Feb. 1 with Airbnb automatically collecting and remitting the state sales tax along with a variety of local taxes.

“This tax agreement will ensure they can easily pay their fair share in taxes while providing a major and growing revenue stream for the city. At the highest levels of our company, we are committed to working with local hosts and policymakers to enhance the positive economic impact of home sharing in St. Louis.”

St. Louis City License Collector, Mavis Thompson said that they are proud to have collaborated on the deal that will unlock a new source of tax revenue for the city.

“It allows Airbnb St. Louis hosts to pay taxes as part of its Airbnb fee and provides the License Collector’s office with a single entity responsible for remitting the taxes,” Thompson said. “Since the State of Missouri reached its agreement with Airbnb, St. Louis City is one of the first jurisdictions to follow suit.”

“We want to thank Airbnb and the St. Louis License Collector office led by Mavis Thompson for coming to terms,” Kathleen “Kitty” Ratcliffe, President of Explore St. Louis said. “This tax agreement provides transparency, fairness and parity for all our lodging partners. It levels the playing field. Additionally, this tax revenue is important to Explore St. Louis for marketing, the Regional Arts Commission for arts’ organization grants and the City of St. Louis for general revenue bond payments.”

About Airbnb
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About St. Louis License Collector’s Office
The License Collector’s Office is responsible for licensing all businesses that operate in the City of St. Louis. Businesses that operate lodging facilities for transient guests, must pay a 3.5% Convention and Sports Tax and a 3.75% Convention and Tourism Tax on each room rented.

About Explore St. Louis
Explore St. Louis is the driving force behind St. Louis’ $5.8 billion convention and tourism industry, the official destination marketing organization of St. Louis City and County and operator of the America’s Center Convention Complex.