Billboard near St. Louis border, advocates for safe, legal abortion

GRANITE CITY, Il. – A billboard, facing eastbound on I-55/64, is highlighting the importance of abortion accessibility in Illinois.

Hope Clinic for Women placed the billboard on March 20th, welcoming drivers into Illinois. The clinic, which is located 10 minutes from downtown St. Louis, provides abortion care in Granite City and is able to offer care that is not available to most residents of Missouri.

“The goal of this billboard is to remind people coming in from Missouri that they are now in a state that trusts and allows pregnant women to make their own healthcare and family planning decisions,” Dr. Erin King, executive director and Ob-Gyn at Hope Clinic for Women, said.

Currently, Illinois is considered a “safe state” for patients in need of reproductive healthcare, specifically abortion-traveling from surrounding states including Missouri, Kansas Indiana, Kentucky, and Oklahoma.

“In Illinois, we must hold our ground on this issue and continue to expand access and affordability to abortion for the residents in our state and people needing to travel here,” Hope Clinic shared.

FEATURED IMAGE/Billboard: Welcome to Illinois, where you can get a safe, legal abortion/HOPE CLINIC