Letter: Internet Tools and Digital Economy Vital to Missouri Growth

By Stephanie Syberg


Almost every pet owner has had to put their pet in a cone collar, agonizing over their discomfort.  Before starting Tulane’s Closet, I spent 16 years in veterinary medicine where clients regularly inquired about post-surgery alternatives to the cone collar. These questions, and my own Doberman Pinscher’s “cone of shame,” inspired me to find a better, more comfortable solution. I invented the “Cover Me by Tui:” a post-surgical garment that helps pets rest easier and heal quicker.

But I knew very little about marketing.

Thankfully, I learned about Google AdWords and Analytics. Today, many consumers find Tulane’s Closet through Google advertising, with AdWords bringing in approximately 65 percent of our sales. The Internet, as well as these tools, has been the driving force behind my business’ growth. Without the web, I likely would have never grown beyond St. Peters. 

It’s clear the Internet is critical to our success. It’s also the crucial cornerstone of Missouri’s economy. In fact, 78 percent of small businesses in Missouri have an online presence and use online channels to conduct business. *

It’s been five years since I started Tulane’s Closet, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. Starting a business can be intimidating, and many owners start with very limited funds. Fortunately, the Internet is a great tool for the average entrepreneur; connecting them with consumers, potential business partners, affordable advertising, and more. 

Stephanie Syberg is the owner of Tulane’s Closet and the inventor of the Cover Me by Tui pet garment. More information on her business can be found at www.tulanescloset.com. 

*Source: Ipsos Small Business State-Level Data commissioned by Google, April 2017