Letter to the Editor: Education and technology go hand in hand

Education is rapidly transforming in the age of digital learning. Being an educator in today’s age is no easy task. Educators need to consider their ability to use technology as a learning tool to better educate students.

By the fifth grade, nearly every student has been interacting with technology in various forms. It seems logical to align teaching methods with the ways that my students enjoy and are already comfortable. Technology like Google Classroom helps students bridge this gap.

Students can collaborate on Google Docs and engage with each other through the class stream option. Teachers can monitor students’ progress and offer guidance. Educators no longer need to seek out expensive products and can integrate technology and other free online classroom tools into students’ learning.

Classroom usage of this technology offers some unexpected outcomes. Notably, there is an immediate reduction in excessive paper waste, which is more environmentally friendly. Also, a teacher’s capacity to focus on individual students’ learning styles expands with Google Classroom monitoring their participation and progress.

Change always brings uncertainty, and I continue to learn along with my students, but with new technologies like these, I believe that teachers may better connect with their students.

– Todd Fitzpatrick
Ballwin, MO