Loop Trolley Company announces launch of mobile app

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Loop Trolley Company announced that its mobile ticketing app is now live for riders to purchase tickets ahead of time.

“We are excited about our new app and the convenience it offers to Trolley passengers,” Kevin Barbeau, executive director of Loop Trolley Company, said. “Passengers can purchase a ticket ahead of time, activate their ticket when they’re ready to ride and come aboard the trolley.”

The announcement came on Thursday. The mobile app for Apple’s iOS is available now and the Android OS version is expected to go live by mid-March. Barbeau explained that the app’s developer has been working through some troubleshoot areas within the app so that it is up and running successfully for riders.

Riders can download the free app by searching ‘Loop Trolley’ in the app store. Tickets will be available for purchase and users will also be able to track their ticket history, trip log, view station stops and attractions on the Trolley map.

Users can purchase tickets at any time through the app and tickets will not become active until passengers choose to activate them within the app. When the ticket becomes activated, passengers will scan their mobile tickets at the on-board validators, which are located at each trolley entrance.

Each purchase made through the app will have a $0.35 transaction fee. All major credit cards are accepted through the app as well.

Barbeau said the Loop Trolley Company expects ridership to increase through the app because users have an advantage of not having to buy a ticket on the spot. There is more freedom with purchasing tickets as well as when to actually activate them.

“We also hope to receive feedback from the users, whether good or bad, to continue making improvements on the app’s development,” Barbeau said.

In terms of next steps for the company and its app, Barbeau said they are working to establish GPS information on the trolley car locations in addition to the trolley stops.

“We would like to integrate the Loop strip within the app more by having deals and discounts for different businesses,” he said.

The Loop Trolley Company currently operates two heritage streetcars on Thursdays through Sundays, beginning at 12:00 pm each day. Standard two-hour passes are $2 each and all-day passes are $5 each. Seniors, children (ages 5-12) and passengers with disabilities may purchase tickets for a reduced fare of 50 percent. The reduced fare is also available in the app.