Membership group for women entrepreneurs founded in St. Louis expanding to six more cities

A St. Louis-based company that assists female-driven startups is expanding to six new cities.

Brazen Global, a membership organization for women entrepreneurs, announced Tuesday it’s adding new branches in Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Worth and Philadelphia.

Founded in 2014, Brazen is expanding to unlock the potential in “growth-seeking” women business owners, a powerful segment underserved by an existing entrepreneurship support and venture capital industry limited by its singular attention to “high growth”, according to a recent press release.  Brazen serves business-focused programs to a national member network of growth-seeking female presidents, founders and CEOs.

“Many women-owned businesses today are innovating in sectors and industries ripe for growth, but they simply don’t personally identify as ‘high-growth’ or ‘tech’ yet,” Jennifer Ehlen, CEO and founder of Brazen, said in a statement. “With Brazen’s help, we hope women entrepreneurs will realize their growth aspirations, regardless of labels or definitions they choose to wear.”

In the U.S., 91.4% of women-owned firms have no employee other than the owner, according to Brazen. Female entrepreneurs represent an economic opportunity that Brazen hopes to unlock with its expansion.

Brazen’s evidence-based membership program is open to female “growth-seekers,” including:

  • Growth Groups: Brazen’s flagship program are peer advisory groups of seven to nine female entrepreneurs that meet monthly to present their greatest business challenges and work through solutions. Growth Groups are peer advisory groups of 7-9 that use proprietary software to discuss business challenges and solutions.
  • Power Hours: Brazen Members can schedule an appointment with a legal, accounting, marketing or IT/tech expert every month.
  • Member Events and Roundtables: These monthly events bring together sister CEOs to learn more about business growth strategies and get inspired.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a global network of women-led businesses and supporters that can connect across geographies to grow their companies,” COO and co-founder, Aimee Muirnin Dunne, said in a statement. “It’s time to boldly grow our businesses. No apologies.

Brazen is launching its local programs with the support of acting directors in each market, including Kristin Fox in Chicago, Jasmin Brand in Dallas-Fort Worth, Olivia Omega in Denver, Monica Wheat in Detroit and Bonnie Bogle in Philadelphia. Brazen continues to operate in its founding market, St. Louis, with executive director Mindy Mazur.

Brazen encourages women at all stages of business and industries to join a like-minded community, access curated online and offline resources, leverage best-practice tools and feel supported on their entrepreneurial journey.

To learn more about becoming a Member or to find out about programs in your city, visit

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