Missouri Ethics Commission respond to Ernie Trakas complaints

Complaints filed against a St. Louis County Councilman’s campaign during the election cycle was ruled appropriate by the Missouri Ethics Commission earlier this month.

During the Dec. 21 meeting, the complaints were filed against the Friends of Ernie Trakas group that claimed that the group violated the Missouri Campaign Finance Law by not providing appropriate receipts, failing to accurately report loans to the committee and failing to display a paid for by disclaimer on a campaign support sign.

All of the complaints were dismissed by the Missouri Ethics Commission’s Executive Director, James Klahr, stating that there was a lack of any violations of state law.

Councilman Ernie Trakas

According to the Missouri Ethics Commission, the group provided the appropriate receipts because the October Quarterly Report was the first report covering committee activity in the new general election cycle.

The complaint against the Friends of Ernie Trakas group also stated that they failed to accurately report loans to the committee on the committee’s January 2017 Quarterly Report. The committee reported that two loans, totaling $361 were scheduled for repayment even though the committee hadn’t previously reported any loans were outstanding.

Upon receiving the notice, the committee promptly corrected the report and issued a statement stating that the amounts previously reported were actually a repayment for expenses incurred on the behalf of the committee.

In addition, there was also a complaint regarding a campaign sign for Ernie Trakas’ 2016 run for St. Louis County Council because the sign lacked any paid for disclosure.

The Missouri Ethics Commission stated Trakas nor the group, Friends of Ernie Trakas had anything to do with creating, distributing or publishing the sign. Thusly, there wasn’t a violation of any set of laws.

Councilman Trakas was not available at press time.

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