Mizzou may provide data research for STL County’s drug monitoring program

County Executive Steve Stenger on Tuesday is recommending that the St. Louis County Council introduce a bill that would allow the county to enter into a contract with the University of Missouri to carry out grant activities related to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

The legislation which Stenger is recommending comes from Dr. Faisal Khan, the director of the St. Louis County Department of Health, which would allow the county to enter into a contract with the Board of Curators at Mizzou.

The university will assist the St. Louis County Department of Public Health by conducting research and evaluation into data used to address the heroin and opioid use.

The county’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program which launched in April, seeks to improve opioid prescribing by providing critical information regarding a patient’s controlled substance history and informing clinical practices by identifying patients at high-risk.

St. Louis County enacted legislation sponsored by Councilman Sam Page on March 1, 2016, to establish and authorize the operation of a PDMP by St. Louis County Department of Public Health.

The St. Louis County PDMP is the first locally based PDMP in the country. DPH serves as the program administrator, and any Missouri jurisdiction may subscribe to the St. Louis County PDMP upon enacting authorizing legislation and by signing a user agreement with St. Louis County.

The County’s PDMP launched in April, with 14 jurisdictions participating in the implementation. As of September, 48 of the area’s jurisdictions have enacted legislation to participate in the program.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger said in November that the program is an important tool to fighting the area’s drug abuse.

“With our program now covering 52 jurisdictions and 74% of the population, our PDMP will continue to be an important component in our fight against the deadly opioid epidemic.”

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