New legislation hopes to hire dedicated veterinarian at STL County’s animal shelter

After weeks of discussion, St. Louis County Councilwoman Hazel Erby will re-draft legislation that originally sought to put new requirements regarding the county’s animal shelter director position.

Councilwoman Erby

Erby’s original bill required the county’s animal shelter director be a licensed veterinarian, but after discussions with shelter employees the councilwoman decided that it shouldn’t be a requirement but instead the shelter would need a dedicated veterinarian on-site.

“Some of the employees have contacted me and have said that they don’t think that the manager of the facility needs to be a veterinarian but they need a veterinarian on-site,” Erby said. “So we’re going to go back and try to re-draft the bill and come back with something.”

Erby stated that St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger would ultimately make the decision on who the director of the county’s animal shelter would be.

Erby’s original bill stemmed from constituents voicing their concerns about the conditions of the county’s animal shelters and the qualifications and conduct of the recently removed Director Beth Vesco-Mock, who wasn’t a veterinarian. 

During various public forums at St. Louis County Council meetings, speakers accused Vesco-Mock of making racist remarks, and described her as being a bully.

County Executive Steve Stenger fired Vesco-Mock in March after an internal investigation found her guilty of inappropriate conduct.

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