RELEASE: New ad by Mantovani campaign shows voters a clear choice for St. Louis County Executive

The Mantovani for STL campaign today, behind a significant ad buy, launched a new 30-second TV ad called “Instead.” The ad, which points out the looming federal criminal investigation and failed leadership of incumbent County Executive, Steve Stenger, and provides the alternative — Mark Mantovani, a leader who will work to improve people’s lives — will begin airing today. It follows weeks of misleading ads from the Stenger campaign and the incumbent trying to rewrite history.

“It’s ironic that Steve Stenger, who promised an ethical County government is now mired in allegations of corruption while fellow Democrats are asking the United States Attorney for the Eastern District and the Missouri attorney general to investigate the deal made with his biggest campaign donors,” said Mantovani Campaign Manager, Grant Campbell.

As County Executive, Mark Mantovani will prohibit contributions from county contractors. He released his ethics plan months ago and has committed to a plan focused on reforming campaign contributions and transforming a government that is clearly overrun with insider deals. Further, he has pledged to build an administration that is ethical, transparent and committed to professionalism, fairness and equality.

The ad features recent news coverage of Stenger’s “failed and authoritarian” leadership style as proof points that, “the job isn’t getting done!”

“The incumbent measures his progress by campaign contributions received,” Mantovani says in the 30-second spot. “I’ll measure mine by whether we’re improving people’s lives.”

The Democratic Primary for St. Louis County Executive will be held on August 7, 2018. For more information about Mark Mantovani and his campaign visit

See the full ad below:

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