RELEASE: Senator Jamilah Nasheed Files Legislation Dealing with Lost and Stolen Firearms

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, introduced legislation encouraging responsible gun ownership. Senate Bill 875 would require missing or stolen firearms be reported to local law enforcement. Currently, the City of St. Louis does not have process for handling missing or stolen guns.

“This is common sense reform,” said Sen. Nasheed. “Just as you would report any piece of stolen property, you should also report your stolen or missing guns.”

The legislation stipulates that the missing firearm’s owner must report the loss or theft of the firearm within 72 hours. Failure to report a missing or stolen firearm would result in an infraction.

“This brings a measure of accountability to the process,” said Sen. Nasheed. “Last year in the City of St. Louis alone there were 205 murders. Our sons and daughters are dying every day because of the reckless use of these weapons. We need to take steps to stop this bloodshed on our streets. Being able to track these guns can help keep our communities safe and help ensure guns stay out of the wrong hands.”

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