RELEASE: State of Missouri announces strategic management priorities

The State of Missouri released a new webpage that provides the strategic management priorities for the State’s 16 Cabinet departments. These priorities include the first set of change initiatives each department is pursuing to improve performance for the citizens of Missouri.

Governor Eric Greitens said: “Our departments are seeing better results with less taxpayer money. Government is more focused, less expensive, and working better for the people, because of new, strong professional management.”

“Like any other organization, improving government performance requires clear priorities,” said Drew Erdmann, the State’s Chief Operating Officer. “We heard from our workforce and citizens alike that we need to communicate better our goals and how we will achieve them. We are getting back to basics. Each department has identified specific initiatives to change how we work to make Missouri stronger. That’s what we are doing.”

Each of the State’s 16 Cabinet Departments has developed strategic management priorities. Simple “placemats” summarize these priorities in a consistent way, including:

–          Aspiration: A department’s overall goal for the next 5 or more years.

–          Themes: A department’s main “chapters” or lines of effort to achieve the overall Aspiration.

–          Initiatives: A department’s high priority initiatives to advance its Themes and Aspiration. These priority initiatives are usually completed in 1 year or less. Departments will launch new initiatives as needed.

“The process of developing real priorities helped our leadership team and workforce come together to define how we are changing the way the State of Missouri’s largest department operates to make our communities safer,” said Director Anne Precythe, Department of Corrections.

“With over 35 years of experience in high performing teams in the private sector before joining the State of Missouri team, I am encouraged to see how we are adopting management best practices to make our departments better,” said Joel Walters, Director of Revenue and former corporate senior finance executive and PwC Partner.

Commissioner of Administration Sarah Steelman noted, “I am excited to see how we have developed a set of initiatives that have a common goal – driving change through superior service and support.”

Click here to view all 16 department strategic management priorities.

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