Richardson says ‘a majority of Republicans’ have signed petition for special session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — House Speaker Todd Richardson said he expects to have enough signatures to call a special legislative session, but is giving no hard numbers.

The petition is in the second week of collection effort and needs three-fourths of the members in each chamber to sign. The session would be dedicated to determining the fate of embattled Republican Gov. Eric Greitens.

“We’ve made significant progress this week and we’ve begun discussions with the minority party to get their members’ signatures,” said Richardson. “So that process is on track and moving forward.”

“We’re well over a majority of the Republicans,” according to Richardson. Republicans hold 115 seats while Democrats hold 47. A total of 123 Representatives need to add their signature.

Speaking to reporters, Rep. Kip Kendrick said Democratic members would prefer impeachment proceeding to begin now but are still ready to sign the petition.

“The Democrats still believe we can move forward at this point,” Kendrick said.

The special session is under consideration following the graphic report from the House investigative committee that detailed Greitens extramarital affair in 2015.

The committee investigating Greitens is expected to release a second report in the coming weeks involving the use of The Mission Continues donor list.

“I anticipate in the near future that they’ll have a report,” Richardson said.

Watch the full House press availability here:

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