St. Louis divorce lawyer disbarred after stealing clients’ money

The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday yanked the law license of a St. Louis divorce attorney who failed to file paperwork for several clients and instead kept their money.

The court disbarred Dennis J. Molamphy for misappropriating client funds and violating rules of professional conduct. Molamphy had been a lawyer in Missouri and Kansas since 1978 with offices in both St. Louis and most recently Wichita, Kan. over that time.

He also was disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court on  April 11, 2017.

At least three complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau stated they paid Molamphy to file a divorce, the former lawyer never filed the paperwork, kept their money and in all three cases never contacted the clients again.

In a complaint filed on April 25, one former client said they contracted  Molamphy for a divorce and were still waiting for an update. The complaint added that “he is impossible to contact as he has moved offices without notice.”

The complaint went on to say the client went to Molamphy’s office to get an answer, when they found nothing had been filed . While there, he worked on the paperwork and said the divorce would be finalized. Sometime later the client went to his office only to realize he had moved and left no trace as to where to find him.

Another complaint dated on the same day stated that one client paid Molamphy money up front only to be strung out over a 6-month period without any explanation as to why the divorce paperwork had not been filed. After hiring another attorney to begin divorce proceedings, it was found nothing was filed appropriately by Molamphy.

Another complaint dated June 28, 2017, stated Molamphy was paid up front, never filed the paperwork and disappeared.

At least 12 other former clients of Molamphy have filed complaints seeking refunds, according to the Better Business Bureau, which has since unaccredited Molamphy’s businesses.

The Supreme Court’s disbarment takes effect in 15 days.

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