Statement from Sen. Jamilah Nasheed on the announcement of the new Lieutenant Governor

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St.Louis, today issued the following statement relating to the announcement of the Lieutenant Governor of Missouri:

“I’ve known Mike Kehoe for many years and have always appreciated his willingness to join me in passing good public policy to help the families and businesses of St. Louis succeed. You cannot be a good leader in the legislature without having bipartisan support.  Senator Kehoe, has worked across party lines to keep the Senate a functional body over his tenue in leadership.  Sen. Kehoe is an accomplished businessman and successful farmer, and he has served the people of Missouri for more than a decade as a member of Highway and Transportation Commission and later as a State Senator. Born in North St. Louis, Sen. Kehoe understands and values this region and its people, and I know he will continue to support this City as an economic engine of our state.”

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