STL County Council passes police overtime pay legislation

At the first meeting of 2018, the St. Louis County Council approved legislation that would grant millions of dollars for the St. Louis County Police Department to cover for overtime pay.

The bill which was passed unanimously on Wednesday, was originally requested by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, stated that the county police department would need a supplemental appropriation for $3 million.

The legislation that was passed stated that the $3 million would come from the unappropriated balance of the general fund of the county.

Belmar said the appropriation would cover the amount of overtime needed to pay the officers who provided security during the Stockley verdict.

The police chief said over $1.6 million was needed to provide a police presence during the Stockley verdict unrest.

In addition to police officers working overtime during that Stockley verdict, Belmar said extra hours were needed from county police when the Meramec River flooded earlier this fall.

According to Belmar, the overtime expenses were directly related to staffing levels in an “operation that works 24/7/365” and has depleted the St. Louis County Police Department’s overtime budget.

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