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Luxury residences set to open up in the Central West End next year

A brand new luxury residential complex located in a historic district in the Central West End is set to open its doors next year. The Residences at Holy Corners is an eight-unit, 2,515 square foot, townhome-style living areas that according to the developers, feel more like single-family homes, due to its location on a residential street, multiple entries, and private patios. There are eight homes at The Residences at Holy Corners and will also feature two […]

RELEASE: MetroLink announces work scheduled from December 4-8

Construction work for the new Cortex MetroLink Station may result in delays for some Red Line and Blue Line MetroLink passengers during the evenings of December 4 through December 8. Monday through Friday (December 4-8) from 8 p.m. to end of service, MetroLink will operate on a single track at the Grand MetroLink Station, and Blue Line trains will only operate between the Forest Park-DeBaliviere and Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 MetroLink Stations. Westbound Blue Line passengers will […]

Construction is Underway on New Cortex MetroLink Station

Construction is underway on the first new MetroLink station to be added to the bi-state region’s light rail system in more than a decade. The Cortex MetroLink Station will be built in the central corridor of St. Louis, Missouri, on the current MetroLink alignment between the Central West End and Grand MetroLink Stations. Two local firms, L. Keeley Construction and Wissehr Electrical Contractors, were awarded the first contracts for the project. L. Keeley Construction will […]