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Clayton Times Profile: Brandon Nickelson, Clayton’s Craft Beer Cellar Owner

There’s plenty of places for Claytonites to grab a drink within city limits, but with almost 1,000 different craft beers to choose from — it would be hard to go wrong with Craft Beer Cellar. Located at 8113 Maryland Ave., Clayton’s Craft Beer Cellar first got its start in 2014 and offers an obvious plethora of beers to take home, there’s even a small bar located at the back of the store where customers can grab […]

Clayton Times Profile: The one, the only, Bar Napoli’s Han Tran

If you’ve ever ordered a drink at Bar Napoli in Clayton before, there’s a good chance the nimble bartender Han Tran will already know what you’re having. That’s why this man is so popular within St. Louis, Tran makes an effort to memorize what his loyal customers like to drink and make them feel comfortable. If you’re having a bad day, he’ll try his best to turn it around. If you’re having a great day, […]