Tag: FY2018 Budget

St. Louis County Council expected to vote on more FY2018 budget items

More budget items are expected to be heard at the last St. Louis County Council meeting of 2017. The Council on Tuesday will attempt to pass multiple pieces of legislation that deal with the FY2018 budget for St. Louis County. Some of these bills focus on adopting a budget for the general fund, special road and bridge fund, and health fund to name a few. In addition to budget legislation, Councilman Sam Page has a […]

STL County Council may vote on McCulloch pension bill

After months of waiting, the St. Louis County Council may vote on a bill that would impact the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s pension. Councilwoman Hazel Erby plans to call her substitute bill on Tuesday that will attempt to roll back the previously agreed upon county pension plan. The measure passed last fall for the adjustment pension funds was meant to improve benefit packages to retain quality employees. Erby and others are now voicing concerns […]

St. Louis County Council to honor Korean War veteran

St. Louis County Council plans to honor Korean War and Army veteran at Tuesday’s county council meeting. Councilman Pat Dolan, who represents Clayton, will introduce a resolution that would honor the life and memory of Cecil H. “Hal” Hale, an Army veteran of the Korean War, who passed away on June 29. In addition to the rally, the St. Louis County Council is scheduled to perfect certain bills pertaining to retirement pension benefits. Councilwoman Hazel […]