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Greitens’ task force calls for elimination of more than 400 gubernatorial appointments

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Eric Greitens released the report put forth by the task force assigned to look into the state’s more than 200 boards and commissions, and the recommendations are calling for significant cuts. In the report issued Wednesday, Nov. 1, the task force recommends consolidating a number of the boards and commissions into larger, broader overseeing entities, and in the process, eliminating more than 400 gubernatorial appointments. Currently, more than three-fourths of the […]

Governor Greitens Announces Recommendations to Shrink Government

Governor Eric Greitens announced the results of a task force created to evaluate the state’s boards and commissions. Task force recommendations include the elimination of nearly 450 bureaucratic appointments, the consolidation of boards and commissions that do duplicative work and the creation of overarching boards that can provide oversight on a number of issues. These recommendations will shrink the size of government, cut red tape and make it easier to do business in the state […]

What’s next for REAL ID?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After years of fighting against the federal identification standard, the Show-Me State has passed legislation to begin implementing REAL ID. The changes are expected to take up to two years to fully be implemented at the state level, but during that time, Missouri qualifies for a waiver from the federal government. That waiver would allow people to still use their current IDs until the new system goes live across the state. […]