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Looking to 2018: Prefiled bills that could play a major role in the upcoming legislative session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Just one month from now, the halls of Missouri’s State Capitol will be once again filled with lawmakers, lobbyists and legislative aides for the beginning of the next legislative session. But the work is already underway, with the prefiling of bills beginning on Friday, Dec. 1. A number of topics will dominate the session, ranging from the usual issues of tort reform and ethics to transportation or gun control. Here’s a […]

Turning a New Leaf: Missouri veterans’ fight to save lives through medical cannabis reform

By Michael Layer JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Joshua Lee gained popularity in April when he posted a photo online carrying almost 10,000 Smarties. The Afghanistan veteran stuffed $60 worth of Smarties candies in a bag to represent the annual amount of medication he is scheduled to take to combat his physical and psychological ailments. The bag weighed over 10 pounds and its size is striking. “Prior to myself posting that picture online, I was a […]

Top medicinal cannabis researcher emboldens medical marijuana legislation effort with visit

By Michael Layer Missouri Association of Veterans Organizations says cannabidiol (CDB) oil invaluable in treating PTSD JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Leading marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley wrapped her tour of Missouri last week, saying Missouri “is so ready for a comprehensive medical cannabis law.” She first began her trip to Washington University School of Medicine and Anesthesiology, where she gave a lecture and met with all of the department heads. The following day, she traveled […]

St. Louis Alderwoman drafts marijuana legislation proposal

By Michael Layer ST. LOUIS – St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Green on Monday drafted a proposal of a local bill to put marijuana legalization on the ballot in St. Louis in November 2018. The proposal would decriminalize simple possession, create licensed dispensaries, and repeal local ordinances prohibiting marijuana consumption for recreational use. Because marijuana is still illegal in Missouri, Green’s bill raises questions when city laws contradict state laws. While the bill permits recreational use for […]