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OPINION: Massive Political Spending by Ameren Pushes Double Digit Rate Increase

It is good to be a monopoly electric company. Ameren Missouri profits are high, its reliability statistics exceed those in neighboring states, and the Public Service Commission (PSC) has granted it several generous rate increases over the years with a 9.54% annual profit allowance. But apparently the utility does not think that is enough, as it is aggressively seeking bonus rate compensation through the state legislature. This anti-consumer measure would impose a new mechanism called […]

OPINION: Airline Regulations Will Only Raise Ticket Prices

So why is Congress still trying to push them through? By Senator Dave Schatz The cost of flying in the United States has reached record lows, but you wouldn’t know it. Just by listening to how people talk, it seems like complaining about the cost of flying is a national past time.  Despite it’s bad reputation, the numbers tell us a different story; one where free market competition has driven down prices and improved safety […]

Rep. English loved public service

I’ve had a bit of a heavy heart the past few days with the passing of former Rep. Keith English. Keith was a friend of mine. We talked politics countless times and raised a glass more than we probably needed to. It never mattered that we disagreed, I liked him and I respected him. The one thing I will always remember about Keith is that he loved being a state representative. Most people appreciate the […]

GUEST COLUMN: Governor Greitens Strikes Again: Now He’s after the Education Commissioner

Earlier this year Governor Greitens unfairly painted a picture of our part-time state legislators as “being on vacation” after the 2017 legislative session ended. Now he absurdly blames “bureaucrats” for falling English and Math score in Missouri schools. And his scapegoat is Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven. After stacking the MO Board of Ed with unconfirmed nominees, last week he tried and failed to force them to fire her. And he is apparently going to have […]

Guest Column: Combined strengths of merged Bayer, Monsanto will help world meet formidable challenge – feeding 10 Billion people

By Former State Rep. Casey Guernsey Our world faces many daunting challenges in the decades ahead, with perhaps the most basic being how to feed a growing population even as our living space consumes more and more of the land where our food is produced. We must increase agricultural productivity by 60 percent to feed the approximately 10 billion people expected to inhabit the Earth by 2050 (up from 7 billion right now) – even as […]