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Missouri voters may see second right-to-work measure on 2018 ballot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Freedom to Work may have failed as an initiative petition but voters may still see the issue on the November ballot. House Joint Resolution 79, sponsored by Rep. Rick Brattin, which seeks to change the constitution to make Missouri a right-to-work state, is on the fast track in the General Assembly. Having sat untouched since January, the resolution was referred to committee on May 7. Then on May 9, the resolution […]

Budget Perfected: House restores proposed cuts to education, agrees to tuition cap with universities

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — After months of work on the state’s roughly $28 billion budget, the Missouri House of Representatives has perfected the budget bills for the 2019 fiscal year. And the biggest news from the House floor is that the proposed cuts to higher education, made by Gov. Eric Greitens, have been fully restored by the House. Rep. Scott Fitzpatrick, the House Budget chairman, worked out a deal with the state’s colleges and universities […]

Could state workers see a raise in the next fiscal year?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Could Missouri’s state workers, the lowest paid in the nation, finally see some sort of raise? The short and uncomplicated answer here is yes, they technically could. That’s because one of the recommendations in Gov. Eric Greitens’ budget calls for a one-time bonus of $650 for each state worker making $50,000 or less. In addition to the pay plan, the Governor’s recommendations also call for $61.2 million in new funding to […]

House looks to push ethics bill to floor quickly

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson continues to prioritize ethics reform in the state legislature, and just like in the previous session, Rep. Justin Alferman’s lobbyist gift bill is getting speedy treatment. The bill includes, according to Alferman, “the exact same language the committee and the House saw last year.” “You won’t find the word gifts in the statute, you’ll only see it as expenditures,” Alferman told the House Committee on General […]