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Missouri voters may see second right-to-work measure on 2018 ballot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Freedom to Work may have failed as an initiative petition but voters may still see the issue on the November ballot. House Joint Resolution 79, sponsored by Rep. Rick Brattin, which seeks to change the constitution to make Missouri a right-to-work state, is on the fast track in the General Assembly. Having sat untouched since January, the resolution was referred to committee on May 7. Then on May 9, the resolution […]

RELEASE: Senator Nasheed secures more than $14 million in additional funding for St. Louis

JEFFERSON CITY — With all of the news surrounding the governor and the Missouri General Assembly, State Sen. Nasheed was able to secure funding that will provide substantial benefits to local residents and organizations throughout the City of St. Louis. Senator Nasheed successfully worked to obtain more than $14 million in additional state funding for the City of St. Louis in the state’s 2019 operating budget, passed by the legislature this week. This is the […]