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RELEASE: Report to Missouri Veterans Commission details major improvements at St. Louis Home following appointment of Interim Home Administrator

JEFFERSON CITY — The St. Louis Veterans Home on Monday reported major improvements in key areas of the quality of care provided to Veterans, increases in staffing levels, and a steep reduction in involuntary employee overtime. The presentation came during the Missouri Veterans Commission’s quarterly meeting in Jefferson City, which was attended by many members of Missouri’s Veterans’ service organizations. Improved areas of performance included: An 80 percent reduction in the number of new facility-acquired […]

Residents and families voice support for improvements and commission changes at St. Louis Veterans Home

It’s been months since a controversy over lack of care ensued at the St. Louis Veterans Home, but residents and families are finally seeing the improvements and commission changes they’ve been asking for all along. At a meeting with veterans and their families on Saturday, Missouri Veterans Commission Chair Tim Noonan, Interim Executive Director Grace Link and St. Louis Veterans Home Interim Administrator Stan Smith provided an update on procedural and staffing changes that are […]

Parson calls for ouster of St. Louis Veterans Home administrator

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Lt. Governor Mike Parson is continuing to call for action to resolve the issues of alleged mistreatment at the St. Louis Veterans Home, and the solution he is calling for is the removal of the top administrators at the embattled veterans home. “Of all the veterans homes we have in this state, this is the one that seems to have the issues,” Parson said. “And it’s reoccurring, the same problems.” In […]

Greitens lambasts Blunt, McCaskill in response to St. Louis veterans home investigation letter

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Eric Greitens has, for quite some time, taken an interest in the welfare of veterans in the U.S., and when it comes to that topic, he’s showing that he’ll pull no punches. The latest example of that is his response letter to Missouri’s two U.S. Senators, who this week penned a joint letter to the governor urging him to call for an investigation into the accusations of patient mistreatment at […]

Families of veterans accuse St. Louis Veterans Home of systemic abuse

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — A group of veterans, family members, employees and concerned citizens met Monday night to address what they say is abuse, mistreatment and neglect of veterans at the St. Louis Veterans Home in north St. Louis County.  The group, which held a press conference at North Kirkwood Middle School, allege that under the inefficient leadership of Rolando Carter, the home administrator, conditions continue to get worse. Dory Poholsky, a friend of many of the […]