The Libertine becomes latest restaurant in Clayton to close

Yet another restaurant in downtown Clayton is shutting its doors.

The Libertine, located at 7927 Forsyth Blvd., will serve its customers for the final time on Saturday, the restaurant announced Thursday.

Owners Nick and Audra Luedde, on Facebook, said they were closing the 5-year-old restaurant to focus on a new concept, which they said would be announced later this month.

“As exciting as we are about the next adventure, ending The Libertine is truly bittersweet,” the said in a Facebook post. “The Luedde family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for the past five years of unforgettable moments that only a night at The Libertine could provide.”

The Libertine is the fourth restaurant located in Clayton to shut its doors in the last three months. The latest closing in Clayton comes after Barrister’s, a popular soccer bar, announced it was shutting its doors in November. Just last month, Remy’s Kitchen & Wine Bar closed for good just before the new year, while Panera Cares Cafe closed earlier this week.

1041 Taylor owns the property where The Libertine is located, which was appraised for $2.1 million, St. Louis County records show.

“We are so grateful to our staff, family, patrons and friends who have made the experience of operating The Libertine so unforgettable,” the post said.

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