University City Police Department’s female staff donates personal funds to send high school student to prom

Prom is a big deal to most high schools students but the road to getting there can cost a lot. Shoes, clothes, hair, earrings and dinner can add up quickly.

To help with some of the financial burden, the women of the University City Police Department (UCPD) are sponsoring a local high school student get to prom.

Several officers in the UCPD’s Ladies Encouraging Others (L.E.O.) group have donated their own money to send Whitney Hulling, a senior at University Senior High School, get to prom in style.

The idea behind the LEO group was brought to University City by current police officer Latoya Draggs as a way to elevate and empower women in the community. It is currently comprised of approximately 14 female police officers, dispatchers and record room clerks.

Hulling was chosen after the LEO group reached out to the school’s administrators and guidance counselors. Hulling, who boasts a 3.9 GPA, is actively involved in student leadership.

“We have a wonderful group of diverse, smart and powerful women in this community. As female law enforcement officials, we want to make sure we are using our platform to highlight, inspire and support them in addition to protecting them,” Draggs said. “Whitney is a hard-working and bright student, so this is the least we could do to commend her on her excellence in school.”

Last May, the LEO group sponsored one student for prom and paid for another student’s ticket. This year, the LEO group will be providing and financing Hulling’s hair, makeup, nails and transportation. The dress was specially donated by the University City Police Association. Hulling has personally invited the UCPD to see her off on Saturday, April 28, as she heads off for a memorable night.

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