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Scott Faughn

Thank you for picking up our inaugural edition of the Clayton Times, or more likely, scrolling through our app on your phone or clicking our website. 

It’s our goal to build a newspaper that can cover the business, legal, political, and cultural parts of Clayton that make it one of the greatest cities in the Midwest. 

We’re not the biggest on buzzwords, but starting July 4th, we hope to become more than a weekly newspaper and actually be an hourly app. If you check our app during business hours and into the evening, there will be new content to read, focused on the people who live and work in Clayton. 

In the Clayton Times, you’re going to get a different take on the events happening in Clayton and around St. Louis County. We are eager to begin covering the business of St. Louis County, of which Clayton is the hub, and the nightlife, where Clayton is the downtown of St. Louis. 

On this editorial page, you are likely going to see some things you’re not accustomed to in a traditional editorial page. You will most likely see a more fiscally conservative line than most St. Louis media and a more liberal “let free people live as free people” line on cultural issues. 

However, what you are most likely going to read is a fierce defense of the best interests of Clayton and St. Louis County. To us, that means pushing every day to ensure that the business community has every chance to move this area forward in providing the quality jobs that the people of this area deserve, and that people will move to this area for. 

Currently, there are many corners of St. Louis in which more than a few who will shake their heads when thinking of the current state of St. Louis, whether it be from the loss of sports teams, political battles, or economic issues.

But in truth, many other cities would love to be in the position in which St. Louis is. There’s every reason to not only be proud, but bullish on St. Louis. And a lot of those reasons are in Clayton.

It’s a very exciting time in Clayton. There are more cranes protruding from the skyline of Clayton than many swamps, building beautiful new testaments to the health and vitality of the city, and it’s our hope that they continue that growth. The fact is there is no place in the Midwest doing more to grow the economy than Clayton. 

From the discussion on regionalism to the booming business development to politics of county government or to the city council’s role in developing downtown, we hope the Clayton Times becomes your go-to source for the news that matters to you. 

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to earn your readership, and I’ll close by turning a phrase that a great man from the other end of Lindbergh asked.

“Isn’t it great to live and work in Clayton?”

-Scott Faughn,

Clayton Times publisher

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