Bullhorn employees celebrate Diwali, annual Hindu festival of lights

CLAYTON, Mo. – Local business, Bullhorn, celebrated Diwali – the annual Hindu Festival of Lights – at their office last week in efforts to continue to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

“I’ve never been part of a Diwali celebration before,” Brooke Colbert, Recruiting Coordinator for Bullhorn said. “So it was amazing to have the opportunity to celebrate an important holiday for another culture.”

Bullhorn employee receives henna tattoo and Diwali festivities/BULLHORN

On Wednesday, Bullhorn’s St. Louis team in Clayton had the opportunity to receive henna tattoos, create colorful sand artwork called rangoli, make Diwali lanterns and learn Bollywood dancing all while enjoying food from India.

“I participated in the Bollywood dance lesson at the end of the day, which was super fun,” Kristen Bushko, Technical Product Manager for Bullhorn said. “I learned that Bollywood dances actually tell stories along with the lyrics and it’s very fast-paced.”

Bullhorn’s Allies Board hosted the event to showcase the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They focus on the great ideas and innovations that can result when all cultures, backgrounds and experiences come together for a common goal.

Colbert said that working at Bullhorn has allowed her to learn more about different traditions and religions which is something that is important to her.

“My absolute favorite part of Bullhorn’s Diwali celebration was learning a Bollywood dance routine,” Colbert said. “It was fun being active and learning the different moves that are used in Diwali celebrations.”

Tanvi Gradre, Bullhorn Engineering Lead, said that the lanterns, music and food brought the festival of lights to Bullhorn in a special way.

“Diwali is a festival of joy and light that I love celebrating with my family and friends,” Gadre said. “Kudos to my Bullhorn family for creating a sense of belonging and inclusion, and making this Diwali bright and prosperous.”

Watch Bullhorn employees practicing a Bollywood dance here.