Centene Announces Coverage Expansion in 3 States including MO

Clayton based health insurer, Centene, announced Tuesday, plans to expand into more Affordable Care Act insurance exchange markets for next year.

In stark contrast to most competitors, Centene has flourished in the ACA marketplace, at the end of March, Centene had 1.2 million Americans enrolled in exchange plans. While other competitors are pulling back or introducing price increases in order to remain in some markets, Centene will begin offering coverage in 3 new states’ exchanges as well as increasing its presence in states like Florida, Ohio, Texas and Washington where Centene already offers coverage. 

The addition of new states and expansion in others could see Centene presented with a unique opportunity as there are currently 45 counties in Missouri and Ohio alone in which no insurers are currently slated to offer coverage on the exchange in 2018.  While a Centene spokesperson clarified that they have not yet announced which counties they will offer coverage in. “We are still working through the filing and review process, so we do not have specific details until the review is complete,” said Marcela Hawn, Centene spokeswoman. The roughly 67,000 consumers without an on-exchange insurer in 2018 in those 25 counties in Missouri that were abandoned after the departure of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City would certainly welcome the addition of Centene to the exchange market.




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