County Council Members passed bill issuing raises to justice services employees

CLAYTON – St. Louis County Council Members unanimously voted to pass Bill No. 220 at Tuesday evening’s meeting.

Nurses and other corrections workers who work for the Department of Justice Services attended council meetings week after week asking the Council Members and County Executive for the raises that they believed they deserved from Proposition P Funds.

“I wanted to come tonight to again thank all of you,” said Kerah Braxton. “All of the Council Members and County Executive for the progress that you have made for the Justice Services employees.”

Braxton, who has worked for justice services for 7 years, said that she was grateful for the diligence of the Council Members and for the fight they had for justice services employees.

In past meetings, it was determined that Council Members agreed that justice services employees deserved to be paid the raises, the issue was giving it the correct classification.

After a very anticipated wait, Bill No. 220 was placed for final passage.

The bill, introduced by Council Members Erby, Page, Wasinger, Dolan, Trakas and Harder, reads: An ordinance – Appropriating the amount of $781,291 of Proposition P Funds from the unappropriated balance of the general fund for the support of the Department of Justice Services; and repealing ordinance No. 27,056.

“I am elated to vote yes on this bill,” said Councilwoman Erby. “I cannot thank Kerah Braxton and all of the employees for staying the course and their courage in fighting for what is right.”

Councilman Page also recognized the determination of all of the justice service workers involved before giving his vote on the bill.

“I would like to recognize the leadership of Councilwoman Erby on this issue,” said Councilwoman Wasinger. “I really don’t think that we would be having this conversation if it weren’t for her efforts and leadership to move this forward.”

Wasinger said that she applauds Erby for her persistence and efforts in getting the issues resolved and finding a good result for the employees.

Councilman Trakas also echoed Wasinger in commending Erby and her dedication and fight for the justice services employees.

“I also want to commend the correction workers for your unwavering commitment and voice,” said Trakas. “You epitomized how democracy is supposed to work.”

During the meeting, Council Members also moved to perfect Bill No. 204 which focuses on the funds appropriated to public transportation. Council Members are wanting to fix the issues on public safety and security at the St. Louis Metro.

Wasinger noted that the Metro is going through a transition with newly named Executive Transit Director Jessica Mefford-Miller, but also said that this is a critical ordinance for the community that needs to have changes made.

The bill will be set for passage at next week’s meeting.