Enterprise Financial Services Corp announces resignation of Michael Walsh in release

Clayton headquartered Enterprise Financial Services Corp, today announced the resignation of Michael Walsh, Director and Chairman of the St. Louis Region.

Enterprise explained in a release that Walsh, who joined the Company and its Board of Directors on February 10, 2017 as part of the Enterprise’s acquisition of Jefferson County Bancshares, expressed his desire to pursue a less formal role with the company going forward.

Mike Walsh image/Jefferson College


Jim Lally, EFSC’s President and CEO commented, “Mike has built an enviable franchise and has been instrumental in the successful transition of associates and customers into our combined organization. We truly appreciate his hard work and dedication during this time, and we respect his decision to take a step-back from his role as a Director and Chairman of the St. Louis Region. We are working closely with Mike as to how we can continue to utilize his experience to further our business efforts.”

“As Mike departs, our continuing leadership team at Enterprise is poised to deliver the superior client service to which they have been accustomed at both Eagle and Enterprise. Additionally, we remain confident that the value of our combined organization is as strong as when we announced the combination several months ago.”



Source: Enterprise Financial

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