For First Community Credit Union, eclipse is a company-wide celebration

First Community managers decided their employees should be able to enjoy the rare event today just like everyone else, but still be able to remain open for their customers. Eclipse glasses have been purchased for everyone, lunch is being brought in, and all of the bank’s 42 branches in the St. Louis region will be closed from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. to celebrate in the path of totality.

“For most of us this is probably a once in a lifetime event,” said First Community President & CEO Glenn Barks. “I don’t want to miss it and I’m pretty sure our employees don’t want to miss it either. By closing for a short time we can make that happen with minimal impact to our members. For will be informing them over the next two weeks that we will be closing.”

Online banking, mobile banking, and the Express24 automated information line will be available during the brief closure.

“Obviously we can’t close down for the entire day like some other businesses and some schools are, so we’re closing for that hour,” said Laura Alfeldt, vice president of marketing. “There was a little bit of reservation on the part of management, like, is this going rub people the wrong way? But we talked about it, it’s been on our website for a couple of weeks, and I’ve had about a dozen customers saying ‘that’s great’ and ‘we support it’ and we’ve had really positive response.”

Headquartered is in Chesterfield, First Community’s 42 locations are all in the St. Louis Metro area, and employs about 525 people. The branch right across from Galleria, at 9645 Clayton Rd., serves the Clayton area. First Community serves more than 285,000 members.


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