Lawn Love launches “uber” snow removal in Clayton

CLAYTON, Mo. – On Wednesday, Lawn Love Founder and CEO, Jeremy Yamaguchi announced that Lawn Love would be adding snow removal to their list of on-demand services.

Lawn Love has been offering services of lawn mowing, gardening, lawn fertilization, lawn aeration, weed control, lawn seeding, yard clean up, leaf removal and gutter cleaning to 120 cities for four years, including the City of Clayton which was launched over the summer. Lawn Love’s new service takes out the hassle of residents finding reliable snow plow professional.

“Customers have been telling us for years about how difficult it can be to get reliable snow removal,” Yamaguchi said. “If a service provider doesn’t show up, people are left stranded in their homes with no quick fix. Lawn Love is providing the solution to this problem.”

Residents in Clayton can use their phones to order, pay for and review the new on-demand service of snow removal with just a simple press of a button.

Yamaguchi said that it is helpful that a large number of summer landscapers switch to snow removal work in the winter season. He also said that Lawn Love has teamed up with many snow removal technicians across the country in order to provide the new service.

Snow Removal/LAWN LOVE

Lawn Love uses local snow removal technicians that have more than one year of season experience. Their platform provides technicians with new customers as well as job clustering, customer service and payment tools which “revolutionizes business operations,” according to the press release.

“The tools that we are giving our contractors allows them to streamline their daily routes, meaning they can clear more snow, from more properties,” Yamaguchi said. “And at the end of the day, that’s better for customers and providers.”

Yamaguchi said Lawn Love’s software is accessible for all contractors and residents to utilize. Blueprints of yards and driveways will be posted so that residents can get a quote on the service.

Residents can choose to have a “once off service” or they can schedule the service for the entire winter season. Lawn Love’s weather mapping software will ensure that providers never miss a day and residents will not be stuck in their homes.

Lawn Love’s snow removal services are now available to Clayton area residents. For additional information and scheduling, users can go to