Local St. Louis company launches application for security teams

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Historically speaking, it has been a challenge for security teams to monitor every single checkpoint, but that challenge is now made easier with the implementation of Omnigo Software’s Guard Tour System.

Omnigo Software acquired a company known as Information Technology Incorporation (ITI) in St. Louis. ITI spent about 20 years working as a software producer for law enforcement when Omnigo came in and made the St. Louis region their headquarters.

At the Global Security Exchange Conference and Exposition in Sept., Omnigo Software, labeled as a leading provider of public safety, incident and security management solutions for law enforcement, education, healthcare and other enterprise markets, announced a new application called Omnigo Guard Tour, to help security teams.

Omnigo Guard Tour is a “new, groundbreaking and cost-efficient application” which ensures that security teams on active duty are able to check and secure checkpoints and easily report on their findings.

Through the application, security professionals can schedule, track and analyze user activity, patrols, inspections and more all during the security team’s time in the field.

“Guard Tour validates that security professionals did their job by showing their activity with an accuracy of time and date because it is all done through the software,” Bobby Robertson Omnigo Software CEO said. “It also reduces liability, exposure, loss of assets and potentially the loss of life.”

Omnigo Software has different applications that are not just to provide law enforcement with the safety and security management, but also giving gaming, healthcare, hospitality, education and casinos the ability to establish a safer environment.

Robertson said that the applications look different for each customer to provide the desired outcome for each user.

For example, at universities students go through learning modules, focusing on situations such as a sexual assault, active shooter or drug and alcohol, before registering for classes to ensure that they understand the use of the application and can feel safer on campus.

“We are all over the board doing different things for different people,” Robertson said. “But it’s all to make safer tomorrows.

Robertson said that the goal for Omnigo Software and the Guard Tour System is to continue to make sure that they are providing awareness to the public about what applications are out there to continue to promote a safe atmosphere.
“We’re putting the tools in the hands of the larger community,” Robertson said. “The patients, the teachers, the students. We’re putting the tools directly in their hands to make a difference.

Omnigo Software is currently used by 2,300 customers in 24 countries, 800 which are colleges and universities, and still rapidly growing. Since their first year, Omnigo started with 80 employees and will be finishing the year with 150 employees. The solutions provided by Omnigo help to protect life, property and the brands of businesses.