Missouri Energy Initiative plans for next year’s series

This is included in a multi-part series

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Missouri Energy Initiative (MEI), a nonprofit 501(c)3 association of public and private-sector entities, concluded its final event of the 2018 Midwest Energy Policy Series with a focus of Economic Development on Wednesday.

Josh Campbell, executive director of MEI speaks at Midwest Energy Policy Series: Energy Economic Development (DANIELLE MAE FRANKLIN/CLAYTON TIMES)

“We hope the audience saw the connection between what the state is doing to drive economic development and what the stakeholders themselves are doing,” Josh Campbell, executive director of MEI said. “Energy plays a large role in the opportunities that are before the state.”

Attendees were given the opportunity to learn how emerging technologies are impacting the state of Missouri while hearing from business leaders and the role that energy has played in the growth and policies of their companies. Attendees also learned how Missouri’s utilities are working to increase the state’s economic development, impacting both urban and rural communities.

Sessions touched on the local successes, the current state of Missouri’s economy and how the state can merge with tomorrow’s economy and technologies.

“We believe that there are both pragmatic and real potential collaborations and success stories that came out of today that we’ll be working on over the next twelve months to share at the next conference and bring the stakeholders in going forward,” Campbell said.

Campbell mentioned that the Missouri Energy Initiative has the full intention of conducting another three-part series again next year. Once again focusing on Infrastructure in the spring, Energy Efficiency in the fall and Economic Development in the winter.

Details for next year’s event series are still in progress.