Polling the County: Stenger, McCulloch, & County Council Fare Well

In a Clayton Times/Missouri Times poll, St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch and the St. Louis County Council are all above water in favorability.

McCulloch’s approval rating was a very high 59 percent compared to only 31 percent disapproving of the Prosecutor with 10 percent having no opinion of the longtime officeholder.

Stenger’s number is within the margin of error of McCulloch’s with 56 percent of county voters approving of his job performance with 24percent disapproving, while 20 percent of St. Louis County with no opinion.  

While both Stenger and McCulloch have been at odds with the County Council it hasn’t seemed to weaken their support, while support for the council holds strong with a 41 percent percent approval, however a very high 38 percent percent of poll participants had no opinion of the council.

Republican consultant David Barklage, said the St. Louis County poll numbers are relatively strong considering the in-fighting the council has had with Stenger.

“The County Council has a 2-to-1 favorable to unfavorable rating from voters, which is not bad considering they have been in several fights with the County Executive over the last eight months and the County Executive typically owns the microphone with the media,” Barklage said in a written statement. “However, when you note the high, 38 percent, no opinion of the County Council and Stenger’s poll numbers the conclusion may be drawn that few voters are likely paying attention to the controversies yet.”

Ryan Hawkins, principal at Hilltop Public Solutions, said both Stenger and McCulloch’s performance looked healthy in the poll, but St. Louis County Council doing poorly within the poll is hardly anything new.

“Both Stenger and McCulloch look strong and I’m not surprised the St. Louis Council is under water,” he said. “I’ve yet to find a legislative body in America that is popular.”

Statewide, Governor Eric Greitens has improved on a Morning Consult poll from last month and is now sporting a 53 percent approval number and a 21 percent disapproval number with 16 percent with no opinion.

However, among St. Louis County voters his numbers have slipped. In St. Louis County 37 percent of voters approved of his performance while 44 percent disapproved. Those numbers are down two percent from the nearly 39 percent of the vote St. Louis County vote he garnered last November.

Hawkins said these numbers should be worrying for Missouri Republicans.

“The Governor being almost a quarter through his term has done little to bring Missourians together, especially in the urban area of St. Louis County,” Hawkins said in a written statement. “With Trump below 40 percent and the sitting popular governor below 55 percent, the Missouri GOP should be worried about the next two statewide cycles.”

Barklage disagrees with Hawkins and said Greitens’ poll numbers aren’t particularly alarming.

“The Governor’s numbers outstate are strong, especially when you remove St. Louis County from the statewide results,” Barklage said. “His St. Louis numbers are not particularly low for a Republican and are in-line with the County’s Democrat and more liberal leanings – especially considering early in his term he has focused on enacting a conservative agenda.”

The poll which ran from Aug. 3 to 6, was conducted by Gravvis Marketing on behalf of The Clayton Times and The Missouri Times.

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