Resolution that would suggest more transparency for Prop P passes

The St. Louis County Council on Tuesday passed a resolution that would clear up how Proposition P money would be used.

Councilman Mark Harder directed the resolution to Peter Krane, County Counselor, regarding the call for more transparency on how the funds are being spent.

The resolution was unanimously passed at the meeting, and Harder said the next step is preparing an ordinance.

Proposition P is a half-cent sales tax that’s expected to generate $80 million a year for public safety. It was passed this April with sixty-three percent of St. Louis County voters voting in favor of the tax.

Harder said in a memo that the resolution was influenced by the “recent media reports on how certain municipalities are considering using the funds generated.”

Harder added that the resolution was to help add clarity to the way the Proposition P money was being used.

“This resolution is to help with some of the language and some of the discourse out there about Prop P and to let the citizens of the St. Louis County understand that money that we collected through the Prop P initiative will be used for the purposes stated in this resolution.”

Harder added that Proposition P was supported by most voters in the county, but wants to see that the money was being spent properly next year.

“The voters of St. Louis County overwhelmingly supported that but when it was advertised correctly,” Harder said. “We are just by using this resolution, making sure that everyone knows that’s what we’re going to be using it for and encourage all municipalities to use it accordingly when the money starts to come in later next year.”

Councilmember Sam Page, said he supported the new resolution and wants to see the resolution followed up with more concrete action.

“I just like to add that I think this resolution is a statement of principle and it’s important to let everyone understand where the St. Louis County Council is on the use of Prop P funds,” Page said. “I would also like to see it followed by an ordinance governing the segregation of property funds and the definition of law enforcement of public safety.”

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