Reed issues request to facilities department, allegations at SLATE

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Over the past few weeks, KMOV news has reported findings of multiple complaints in regards to the operations and management funds within St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE).

SLATE Missouri Career Center (SLATE MCC) provides training and job placement to the adult residents in the city of St. Louis. Adults in the workforce are given the opportunity to take advantage of SLATE’s resources and services related to employment such as job placement, career counseling, professional development and training opportunities, at no cost to them.

Allegations have included time sheets and data being falsified and other items being destroyed at SLATE.

In response to the allegations raised by SLATE employees, St. Louis City Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed issued a request to the Facilities Management Department to “remove any shredding equipment from the premises of SLATE.” According to a news release, Reed issued the request for the sake of maintaining integrity and transparency.

Reed’s letter addressed to Rick Ernst, the commissioner with the Board of Public Safety, outlines the concerns that have been raised by SLATE employees and what he hopes can be done in order to keep the funding of the program in the city.

“The City needs to take the initiative to maintain the SLATE program and continue making this vital program available to our residents. It would be a travesty to the community if any of these allegations led to the defunding of the program. I believe that we, as a City government, should take every step to show that we are serious about maintaining the program and support any investigation into the allegations,” Reed said.

Read the whole letter here.