Saint Louis Art Fair announces 2017 winners

Winners from this year’s Saint Louis Art Fair has been announced on Sunday.

With 12 special art categories, and over 180 exhibiting artists competing in this year’s fair — competition was brisk.

Some of the art categories include painting, glass, wood, jewelry, ceramics, drawing and pastels, sculpture, and mixed media.

2017 Overall Winners:

Best of Show: Joachim Knill, Booth #113, Painting

Uchitelle Founders Award: Mark Lewanksi, Booth #310, Glass

Mayor’s Innovation in Art Award: Booth #202, Sculpture

Victor Wang Juror Award: Amanda Outcalt, Booth #129, Mixed Media

Shannon Daut Juror Award: Armando Pedroso, Booth #213, Mixed Media

Jennifer Perlow Juror Award: David Bjurstrom, Booth #140, Drawing and Pastels

Katie Tull Emerging Artist Best of Show: Laura Hohn, Emerging Artist Booth, Ceramics

First Place Winners:

Painting: Matthew Cornell, Booth #206

Glass: Jim Engebretson & Renee Nielsen Engebretson, Booth #506, Michael Mikula, Booth #304

Wood: Terry Evans, Booth #412, James Pearce, Booth #505

Jewelry: Melissa Finelli, Booth #239, Ronald Linton, Booth #316, Roger Rimel, Booth #515

Ceramics: John Herbon, Booth #600

Mixed Media: Aaron Hequembourg, Booth #210

Second Place Winners:

Wood: Michael Bauermeister, Booth #511,

Photography: Kim Carr, Booth #313, Shawn Harries, Booth #104

Mixed Media: Rey Alfonso, Booth #300, Michael Madzo, Booth #205, H.C. Porter, Booth #634, Steve Jones, Booth #406

Printmaking: Chia Haruta, Booth #118

Fiber: Flora Zarate, Booth #108

Glass: Scott Gamble, Booth #214

Even though the winners have been announced, interested visitors can still attend the event until 5 p.m. on Sunday.

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