Sparks fly at St. Louis County Council meeting regarding new ice rink in Creve Coeur Park

Tensions were set to a boil during Tuesday’s St. Louis County Council meeting regarding the construction of a controversial ice facility within Creve Coeur Park.

Earlier this month, controversy arose when visitors to the park said trees were being removed for the preparation of four new ice rinks that would be built within the park.

The opponents of the ice rinks say the facilities would hurt the local wildlife, and take away from the natural beauty of the historic park.

With 104 public speakers having three minutes each, a wide variety of opinions were expressed during the meeting.

The council meeting started off with Council Chairman Sam Page and County Executive Steve Stenger getting into a shouting match regarding how the bill has been previously handled.

Last week, Councilman Page introduced a resolution that would halt construction and grading activity at Creve Coeur Park.

Page believed that the area is undergoing construction and grading activities and shouldn’t be allowed.

The resolution was passed 4 to 3 during the council meeting, and will now be discussed at tomorrow’s  Committee of the Whole meeting, along with Councilwoman Colleen Wasinger’s own resolution regarding the ice rink facility.

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