Stenger assembles affordable housing trust fund task force

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has signed an executive order creating the St. Louis County Affordable Housing Trust Fund Task Force. The Task Force will develop recommendations regarding creation of such a fund, including:

  1. An outline of strategic funding priorities to address affordable housing and related needs of the citizens of St. Louis County.
  2. The amount of revenue needed to meaningfully fund these priorities and identification of potential revenue sources, including existing financial resources that could be reallocated and any possible new sources of revenue.
  3. The appropriate governance and administrative framework for the fund, including guidelines for distribution of funds.
  4. Other complementary policy proposals that would enhance the establishment and functionality of the fund, as necessary.

“The establishment of an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in St. Louis County is key for promoting equity, fairness and inclusion in our region,” County Executive Steve Stenger said. “We have assembled a group with excellent credentials and diverse expertise who are committed to developing a framework for an effective and sustainable housing fund. Co-Chairs Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing, and Adrian Bracy, CEO of YWCA Metro St. Louis are subject matter experts. All of us are working toward the same goal of providing all of our residents equitable access to decent and affordable housing.”

The 18-member group will meet monthly between June and December and will submit its report with recommendations to the County Executive in the first quarter of 2019. The CountyExecutive’s Office, St. Louis County Planning department and Human Services department will offer support for the task force. All members are volunteers and are not receiving any financial compensation for their time.

The following are the task force members:

Co-Chair Adrian Bracy, YWCA Metro

St. Louis Co-Chair Chris Krehmeyer, Beyond Housing Amelia Bond, St. Louis Community Foundation

Zack Boyers, U.S. Bank CDC

Ethyl Byndom, St. Louis County Executive Office

Cynthia Duffe, Gateway Housing First

Karl Guenther, UMSL Public Policy Research Center

Erica Henderson, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership

Veta Jeffery, Midwest Bank Centre

Will Jordan, Equal Housing Opportunity Council

John Kennedy, St. Louis Equity Fund

Michael McMillan, Urban League

Molly Metzger, Washington University Brown School

Gary Park, Clark-Fox Policy Institute, Washington University

Kate Reese, The Housing Partnership

Susan Rollins, Housing Authority of St. Louis County

Esther Shin, Urban Strategies

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