WalletHub study lists St. Louis as 9th neediest city

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – In the hopes of inspiring goodwill to those less fortunate, WalletHub compared 182 U.S. cities across 27 key metrics, determining where Americans are most economically disadvantaged.

The City of St. Louis is ranked #9 as the neediest city, following Philadelphia, Pa. While St. Louis is the ninth neediest city, the state of Missouri is ranked 25th for being most charitable, following Delaware.

According to WalletHub, the data set ranges from the rate of child poverty, food-insecurity and uninsured. St. Louis was given a total score of 52.90 with a rank of 33 out of 182 for economic well-being and 3 out of 182 for health and safety.

The 27 key metrics were placed within the categories of economic well-being and health and safety.

The metrics of economic well-being include child poverty rate; adult poverty rate; unemployment rate; underemployment rate; homelessness rate; presence of homeless criminalization laws; change in family homelessness; well-being index; consumer bankruptcy rate; foreclosure rate; share of owner-occupied housing units; share of delinquent debtors; median credit score; high school dropout rate; undereducated rate; “economic security” ranking and economic mobility.

The metrics of health and safety include uninsured rate; food insecurity rate; share of homes with inadequate plumbing; share of homes with inadequate kitchens; share of severely overcrowded homes; share of offline homes; share of adults who needed to see a doctor but couldn’t; share of depressed adults; suicide rate and crime rate.

WalletHub 2018 Neediest Cities Study – St. Louis Results (WALLETHUB)