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Investigators expand Greitens probe, begin interviewing lawmakers

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With a Grand Jury empaneled in the Governor’s hometown of St. Louis, the Missouri Times has learned that investigators from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office have begun interviewing lawmakers at the state Capitol in what appears to be an expansion on what began on as a sex crime investigation into a broader probe of corruption inside the Greitens’ administration. The Missouri Times has confirmed that investigators have appeared in the […]

RELEASE: Governor Greitens traveling to St. Joseph, Warrensburg and Mexico this week

This week, Governor Eric Greitens will travel St. Joseph to promote his plan to cut taxes for working families and visit Veterans Homes in Warrensburg and Mexico. The Governor will stop by Altec Industries in Saint Joseph on Tuesday to discuss his efforts to cut taxes for Missouri’s working families. This plan will cut taxes for 97% of Missouri taxpayers. For 380,000 working-class Missourians, their tax burden will be completely eliminated. The plan will give […]

RELEASE: Governor Greitens announces partnership with Israeli Home Front Command

Governor Eric Greitens announced Friday Missouri’s inclusion in the Chief National Guard Bureau’s bilateral initiative with the Israeli Home Front Command (HFC). Missouri will be one of only four states to obtain such a valuable partnership. The Israeli Home Front Command exists to provide civilian protection in times of crisis or war, and aids in rescue and recovery efforts, both in Israel and abroad. The Missouri National Guard will participate in joint training exercises with […]

Republicans handed first special election defeat amid Greitens scandal

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — In an interview with the Morning Consult last week, Governor Eric Greitens wouldn’t say if he thought the Missouri Republican Party could hold all four seats in Tuesday’s special elections, saying “That’s up to the voters. … What I can tell you is Republican policies are working.” The voters, it seems, may see things a little differently, as Republicans failed to hold all four seats as their Democratic counterparts came up […]

Greitens looks to continue state job cuts while bringing in jobs in other sectors

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Republican Governor Eric Greitens has long been a proponent of bringing more jobs to Missouri, as well as shrinking the size of government. In today’s world, Missouri is putting a high premium on private sector jobs while looking to cut back the public sector. In his first year in office, the Greitens administration trimmed 223 positions. His proposed budget for FY 2019 looks to further reduce the size of the government’s […]

Senate filibusters the withdrawing of Greitens’ appointees

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — “Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” -Walter Scott, Marmion Those were the words that stood out in the mind of Sen. Bob Dixon when discussing the matter of what should be done with Governor Eric Greitens’ withdrawn appointments on Wednesday evening. Following the news that the Governor had withdrawn three of his appointments, Craig Porter, Alan T. Simpson, and John P. Scariot, to the Missouri Housing Development Commission, members of the Senate […]

No support for Hegeman’s bill on historic tax credits in Local Government and Elections

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A number of tax credits are under fire from Republicans during this year’s legislative session, most notably the state’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and the Historic Preservation Tax Credit. Those two items were heavily debated during the discussions of the Governor’s Committee on Simple, Fair and Low Taxes, where they noted a less than desirable return on investment, with the LIHTC program reportedly 42 cents for every state dollar […]

Governor’s budget proposes hits to higher education, as well as loan to pay tax refunds quicker

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Governor Eric Greitens has released his budget recommendations for the 2019 fiscal year, but for each question raised about the budget, the Governor also spent time fielding questions about his affair in 2015 and allegations of blackmail. In what was his first public appearance since acknowledging his extramarital affair, reporters repeatedly questioned the Governor over whether he had taken a photo of the woman involved in the affair, to which the […]

RELEASE: Governor Greitens announces FY19 budget proposal

Governor Eric Greitens outlined his FY19 budget proposal at a press conference in the Governor’s Office. The Governor’s budget proposal includes increases in funding for infrastructure, education, public safety, and programs to protect Missouri’s most vulnerable children—funded by reductions in spending on higher education institutions, efficiencies in Medicaid spending, and other smaller reductions in government spending. “The budget we’re introducing today is a common-sense, conservative budget. We’re watching out for the tax dollars of the […]

RELEASE: Governor Greitens announces new proposal to fund key infrastructure projects

Today, Governor Eric Greitens announced his proposal for a new state program to provide communities with matching funds for infrastructure improvements that will help create jobs. Statement from Governor Greitens: “Our top priority is more jobs and higher pay for the people of Missouri. When I’m talking with people about how to bring more paychecks and bigger paychecks to Missouri, they often tell me that we need better infrastructure. We’re working every day to bring […]