Author: Alisha Shurr

Grassroots: The story of a Governor and his longtime campaign treasurer

One summer, two decades ago, the sheriff of Polk County spent a considerable amount of time mowing a lawn. And it wasn’t his lawn either. It was the lawn of a widow whose husband died in the line of duty. Fast forward to 2018, that sheriff, Mike Parson, is the Governor of Missouri and Rachel Lightfoot has been the treasurer for his campaign since Parson first decided transition from enforcing laws to making them. In […]

Ashcroft, Hawley to join Missouri dairy farmers for June Dairy Month celebration

CONWAY, Mo. — Two statewide elected officials are scheduled to join Missouri’s dairy producers, their families, and allied industries on June 8 to celebrate June Dairy Month. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Attorney General Josh Hawley will be special guests at the Missouri Dairy Association’s annual Summer Classic field day in Conway, Missouri. “We are proud of the fact that Missouri’s dairy industry adds $2 billion to the state’s gross domestic product according to […]

Pedroli argues Greitens leaving office doesn’t absolve him of alleged crime

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — In less than two weeks, a judge will hear arguments on whether or not to compel answers from the Office of the Governor on “basic” question on the use of a message destroying app. Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem scheduled a hearing on a motion of compel for June 19, 2018 at 9 a.m. in the open records and record retention lawsuit against then-Gov. Eric Greitens in his official capacity […]

AGO: Unredacted Stipulation constitutes an open record under the Sunshine Law

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The full, unredacted version of the agreement St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner struck with then-Gov. Eric Greitens is an open record under the Sunshine Law, Missouri Attorney General’s Office said on Tuesday. The statement came as a response to Gardner’s request for a legal opinion after several media requests for the unredacted version. Gardner wrote a letter to Attorney General Josh Hawley on Monday asking if the records should be […]

Farmer, sheriff, lawmaker and now, governor: Parson takes the reins

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new chapter in Missouri’s history book has begun with the swearing in of Mike Parson as the 57th Governor of the Show-Me State. “Public service is a privilege and it is truly an honor to serve as Missouri’s 57th governor. My pledge to all Missourians is to work hard each and every day, to bring honor, integrity, and transparency to the governor’s office,” said Parson during his swearing-in ceremony. The 62-year-old Republican […]

Special session ‘no longer needs to proceed’ following resignation of Greitens

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With the resignation of Gov. Eric Greitens, the Missouri General Assembly will no longer need to continue with the special session, House leadership wrote to their Republican caucus members. In an email sent at 4:29 p.m. Tuesday, just minutes after Greitens announced his resignation, Speaker Todd Richardson, Speaker Pro Tem Elijah Haahr, and Floor Leader Rob Vescovo told colleagues they have “been in contact with the Governor’s office, and the office of […]

Hafner stands by previous testimony, talks of Greitens conversion to a Republican

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Testifying publically under oath, Michael Hafner said he stands by everything he said previously. The former staffer for Gov. Eric Greitens has said that he had conversations with the campaign about concealing donors, his advice to form a campaign committee was disregarded. In his second time testifying to the House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight, Hafner was asked questions by the now-ten member committee for more than four hours. On Tuesday, […]

Watkins testifies; Barnes, Dowd argue about K.S. testimony

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — In a hearing that started out contentious and maintained a level of animosity, Al Watkins said he is under the impression the large sum of cash he received came from a “wealthy, out-of-state Republican,” but he doesn’t actually know the source and “didn’t give a rat’s ass.” The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight had a public hearing Thursday morning that last more than three hours before they broke for lunch […]

House committee tosses out photos defense allege could be Greitens’ ex-mistress

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — During the cross-examination of the woman who had an affair with Gov. Eric Greitens, the defense asked if her photos were on a website that was pornographic in nature. She denied the allegation in the deposition and the House committee investigating the allegation surrounding the embattled Republican governor tossed out the photos. In a closed meeting that took nearly an hour, committee members viewed the photos and determined they were not […]

Under oath, Faughn answers committee questions, reiterates the money was his

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — “It was my money,” Scott Faughn testified under oath to the House investigative committee. Al Watkins has previously said he thought the money came from an out-of-state Republican donor. After the hearing, which lasted more than three hours, Ed Dowd, Gov. Eric Greitens personal attorney, questioned the reliability of both individuals and stated he does not believe Faughn is the source of the money. Faughn is the publisher of The Missouri […]