Author: Rachael Herndon

SD17 Special Election Night: Arthur wins bellwether seat

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After less than two hours of ballot counting in the 17th senatorial district vacated by Sen. Ryan Silvey, Democratic state Rep. Lauren Arthur pulled out a victory beyond recent polling, defeating Republican Rep. Kevin Corlew 59.61% to 40.28%. The special June election saw an incredible 20.16% turnout. Two separate watch parties are happening Tuesday evening as Republican Rep. Kevin Corlew and Democratic Rep. Lauren Arthur await the results of a June […]

Kinder calls for resignation or impeachment of Governor; Parson calls for the state to ‘move forward’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Longtime statesman and immediate past lt. governor Peter Kinder has called for the Governor to resign or the House to impeach Gov. Eric Greitens after the release of a House investigation report detailing explicit details of an affair. “As he campaigned for Governor, Eric Greitens decried corruption in our state Capitol and pledged to be the cleansing agent against that corruption, all the while upholding honor, dignity and clean government,” Kinder […]

Uncertainty surrounds legal defense as a lobbyist gift from former ‘at no cost’ attorneys

Dowd Bennett exited as the defense for the Governor on a lawsuit against the Governor for using a message-deleting app to conduct state business last week, but not before they registered as lobbyists for Eric Greitens himself – while conducting a pro bono, or “at no cost,” defense. In January 2017, after being sworn in as Missouri’s 56th Governor, Greitens went upstairs to the second-floor office and immediately signed his first order of business, an executive […]

Gravis polling shows tight senate race, Greitens disapproval at 50%

Nonpartisan research firm Gravis Marketing did a random hybrid survey of 931 registered voters in Missouri from March 5-7. The margin of error was ±3.2. Gravis used interactive voice responses and an online panel of cell phone users, weighted by demographics. The poll was paid for by Gravis Marketing. The poll assessed statewide performance and approval, including the scandal-plagued Gov. Eric Greitens, who has an approval rating of 34 percent. 36 percent of those polled strongly disapproved of his […]

Chapelle-Nadal appears to shove man at public hearing, grassroot group rejects her involvement

NORTH COUNTY, Mo. – At a Thursday, February 22, 2018, public meeting discussing updates on remedial activities in North County, Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal appears to shove a long-time local man. The man, identified as Carl Chapell, a Coldwater Creek area resident, is legally blind and lost both his son and father to radiation-related illnesses attributed to Coldwater Creek radiation. The alleged shove can be seen at 1:42:40 in the Facebook live stream of the video. It […]

Republicans defer to House committee’s investigation after MOGOP calls indictment a ‘political hit job’

Greitens’ attorneys, GOP ED say the indictment is unprecedented, while others believe that’s the point JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — As more and more members of the Republican-controlled legislature ask the Governor to resign after a Thursday afternoon Grand Jury indictment for felony violation of privacy laws, the Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Sam Cooper put out a statement denouncing the Grand Jury’s decision to indict. Gov. Eric Greitens was taken into custody Thursday, February 22 […]

A talk with…Johnny Graham of Revel Catering

Graham deserves all credit for the success of the food at the Missouri Times Anniversary Party, curating an amazing cajun-inspired menu for party attendees to enjoy.  Eclectic and adventurous, Revel owner Johnny Graham returned home and four years ago, opened up shop to cater Jefferson City. Graham was booked solid for the first month of the 2018 session and is looking towards a very busy, very adventurous spring. “I think two things people like about […]

Is the tape real? Greitens’ former mistress confirms through lawyer statement

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Rumors concerning the extramarital affair and alleged blackmailing of a married woman by Gov. Eric Greitens continue to spread across the state and nation like wildfire less than 48 hours after the report was issued by KMOV. And the key piece of evidence that seems to matter in the conversation is a recorded conversation between the woman and her now-ex-husband. Some are questioning the authenticity of the tape, asking whether it […]

After news of affair and alleged blackmail, gubernatorial tour spot cancels

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A statewide tax reform tour by Gov. Eric Greitens scheduled for the week of January 15, including stops in Poplar Bluff, Macon, and St. Peters has been cancelled after KMOV broke a story that Gov. Greitens engaged in an extra-marital affair. Remaining tax reform tour listings The stop at Briggs and Stratton in Poplar Bluff has been canceled. An event organizer for the stop in Poplar Bluff said the facility decided to […]

Schroer kicks off tanning bill with coalition of support

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Nick Schroer, R-O’Fallon, announced his bill, HB 1260, to prohibit minors from using indoor tanning devices. Schroer was joined by dozens of supporters of the bill, including doctors and melanoma survivors. Schroer shared startling melanoma statistics, calling them “avoidable health care costs,” including that the rate of melanoma has doubled in Missouri in the last 9 years. Artificial UV radiation is named as the leading cause of melanoma. Schroer hopes […]