Clayton Board of Aldermen to hear legislation to enhance safety in city and amend ordinances

The Clayton Board of Aldermen is set to consider a number of pieces of legislation that would enhance safety in the city and amend a few ordinances already in place.

In their regularly scheduled bi-weekly meeting Tuesday, the board will consider approving a contract with St. Louis County due to the transition and implementation of the Next Generation 9-1-1 Service.

In 1979, St. Louis County entered into cooperative contracts with various governmental entities participating in the Emergency 9-1-1 system throughout the county. Now, with the planned implementation of Next Generation 9-1-1 services, St. Louis County, on behalf of the St. Louis County Emergency Communications Commission (ECC) and the City of Clayton intend to supplement and amend prior contracts to specify terms and conditions under which the installation and operation of Next Generation 9-1-1 will occur.

As the ECC transitions to the Next Generation 9-1-1 platform, it will be capable of providing certain Next Generation 9-1-1 services to the locations used by public safety agencies answering emergency telephone calls which originate in the St. Louis County area.

The board will also look at updating the city code provisions relating to invasion of privacy.

The first update simply adds the term “digital image” to the list of methodologies by which someone might capture a surreptitious image of another person. This will update the verbiage should someone attempt to argue that they did not make a “photograph” in violation of this section.

The second update is a change of title to distinguish between the two similar offenses and expanding the described means and circumstances by which the offense might be committed, including the use of devices or equipment (e.g. drones) to view or photograph private locations. This section was previously referred to as the “Peeping Tom” ordinance.

The Clayton Police Department is also requesting the board to authorize two submissions of grant applications to MoDOT to deploy additional commissioned Clayton police officers to patrol for hazardous moving violations, and to assist the department in addressing the issue of driving while intoxicated in a multifaceted approach.

The officers will be brought in on their days off and paid overtime to address solely the problems related to the hazardous driving safety plan. Officers will also conduct patrol and traffic enforcement targeting drivers that commit hazardous moving violations, focusing on the top contributing circumstances.

Under the grant to assist the department in addressing the issue of driving while intoxicated in a multifaceted approach, Clayton officers with participate in the National Impaired Driving Crackdown Campaign, the quarterly impaired driving enforcement campaigns and implement a high visibility DWI enforcement plan involving sobriety checkpoints, with the specific objective to stop impaired drivers before they cause a crash, injuries or death.

City staff is recommending that the board approve and adopt all of the proposals and amendments. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at city hall.

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