Entrepreneur opens Fitness Machine Technicians to St. Louis area

ST. LOUIS – A specialist in the maintenance and repair of exercise equipment for corporate gyms, universities, hotels, and private residences, owner Hunt Blumeyer announces the opening of Fitness Machine Technicians (FMT) to the St. Louis region.

Blumeyer (FMT)
On Tuesday, Blumeyer shared his travels throughout the world as he worked as a white-water rafting guide, helicopter pilot, Grand Canyon tour guide, and a towboat inspector and appraiser in the marine industry. He is now wanting to shift gears in his career to become an entrepreneur in owning his own business near his hometown of Eureka, Mo.

According to Blumeyer, active gym-goers have gone into the gym and found their favorite piece of equipment in disrepair. Seeing this often “throws a curveball” to every fitness routine.

“I’m excited to provide a solution to this common issue by working with local facilities…to ensure equipment is performing at its peak,” Blumeyer said.

Whether its gyms, corporate complexes, health clubs, or individuals with home gyms, Blumeyer and FMT are ready to serve those in the St. Louis area, including St. Louis and St. Charles counties. FMT already offers services/repairs on a contract and non-contract basis in Pennslyvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Georgia, Ohio, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, Oregon, North Carolina, and Missouri.

“I’m thrilled Hunt has found Fitness Machine Technicians to share his talents with future clients,” Don Powers, CEO and founder of FMT said. “As we expand, the need for a reliable repair service becomes more apparent, especially in the large community Hunt’s territories encompass.”